Welcome to JLP Virtual Services

What is an OBM? What does an OBM do? An online business manager like me can help with all sorts of different tasks. Take a look at my OBM Services tab for more info or keep scrolling on this page to get to know me better before we get down to business. I am an online business manager for fellow entrepreneurs.

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Everything is Figure-out-able!

That is my job as your OBM, to figure it out. No matter what "it" is. Don't worry, I got you! My favorite part about working with creatives is that they love to drain their brains. (That's why my Facebook Group is called The Brain Drain Queen hi, it's me Jess!) You know, when you have so many ideas it feels like they are spilling out of your head and you have nowhere to place them?! And then you have random notes everywhere and google docs that aren't organized and too many ideas and not enough action on those ideas?! What I do is take all of those Brain Drains and I inject ease and calm first and foremost. I break each of those ideas down into actionable tasks, and then we can get started on making your dreams come true. *dusts shoulders off* I mean, aren't you glad you found me? I'm ready to connect with you!

Here are a few facts about me:

  • I started working remotely back in 2017

  • JLP Virtual Services started in March 2021

    • My first blog was published on March 16th, 2021

  • My professional background is commercial insurance agent for the last 15 years (and yes my license is still active)

  • Gilmore Girls is my favorite comfort show and I always watch it on my lunch breaks (but I also love Euphoria so...)

  • Cooking is my creative outlet and I am damn good at it, just call me chef Jess

  • I live in Michigan (EST) near Ann Arbor

  • The biggest perk of owning my own business? I get to work from home with my two puppies, Lucy and Archer